About me

I work with women/men who are discovering/ re-discovering themselves and have started their journey of finding their life purpose. As your Results and Business Coach, I will work with you to define your true passion.

I will co-strategize your new chapter of life, help you unleash your potential, make a huge impact and live an abundant life and be fully present in your personal lives in the future.

My specialty is helping you re-write the story of your life, by being your trusted advisor and by being that partner you need in articulating the roadmap to achieve your dream life. I will help you to become the best version of yourself and help you to achieve your goals. We will work together on your short-term goals so that you can find your desired path toward your life vision.

I am also a speaker, organize retreats, and have been conducting leadership workshops using tools and techniques that strengthen your inner confidence and help in reconnecting you with yourself and reigniting the spark.



Growing up in a small town with limited access to opportunities and hardly any access to role models made me alive to the many economic, social, and cultural barriers that women must overcome every day. I never wanted to fit inside a glass slipper because I wanted to shatter a glass ceiling….and I did exactly that. Otherwise, how did I get here by being fierce, by being fearless?

When I qualified as an engineer, I was one of only a handful of women in my college, in a field where girls were a minority. I began my first role as a management trainee as one of the few women in a room full of fierce corporate men.

I've also lived by the principles of dreaming big, hard work, and not letting your barriers define you, but also by being positive and finding solutions and new paths.

I've known what it is to be the first to have privileges and to take responsibility for those privileges seriously. Being the first woman in many roles has given me an enormous sense of responsibility to make it easier for those who come after me – to rise as I climb.

I have spent my last 23 years in the corporate world as a management consultant and leading practices in the financial sector. I have won the Top 100 Tech Women 2022 award in the UK. I have also been invited to be a UN Women UK delegate at the 67th UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67)- the biggest gathering of gender equality advocates in the world in March 2023.

“Good is the Enemy of Great” is my motto, which has inspired me to lead several transformation initiatives in well-established companies, fuelling extraordinary growth.

Another area that is close to my heart is people development. For more than 2 decades, I have led large-scale talent development & transformation programs to ensure that our people have the right leadership and technical skills to stay ahead in this fast-changing world.

Patterns emerge in hindsight, especially regarding the choices one makes in life. Our scriptures call it vaasana, loosely translated to an inherent tendency or natural-born orientation towards certain things. For me, it is to find my definition of success which is to help others succeed.